Monday, July 14, 2008

The 1st Annual Erasmus Awareness Week Special Appendix Blog Entry

Well, it's 11:59 pm, July 14th, 2008, which means it's officially the end of the 1st Annual Erasmus Awareness Week, celebrating the life and work (with a particular focus on the Copia: Foundations of the Abundant Style) of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam. And boy, what a crazy 1st Annual Erasmus Awareness Week it's been! (Kelly took photos! Brice is going to post them next week! Hayley was soooo drunk!)

In honor of the ornamental language Erasmus so diligently tried to propagate, readers were asked to submit their rewording of the seemingly arbitrary statement: "More than any other director, Bergman demanded the best from his actors."

The responses may be light, but remember that this is the first Erasmus Awareness Week and as the works of Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam continue to grow in popularity (particularly among the youth of today), we can only assume that interest in next year's Annual Erasmus Awareness Week will grow exponentially over the coming months.

So mark your calendars for July 7th, 2009-July 14th, 2009. Until that time, please enjoy these contributions which together make up the 1st Annual Erasmus Awareness Week Special Appendix Blog Entry.

(NOTE: If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, please refer to the blog entry entitled De Utraque Verborum ac Rerum Copia of 7/7/08)

And now--drumroll--THE ENTRIES!

Of actors, other directors wanted less. Bergman wanted the most. --
Lev; San Francisco, CA

To a degree beyond that of his peers, Director Ingmar Bergman placed the highest expectations on the performances given by the players acting in his films. --Steve; Atlantic City, NJ

1) Bergman, demanding the best from his actors, did so more than any other director; 2) From his actors, Bergman demanded the best, more than was demanded by any other director; 3) Other directors demanded less from their actors than Bergman, who demanded the best; 4) Actors had the best demanded from them by Bergman, more than other directors; 5) Actors, the best from whom was demanded, had been more by Bergman than other directors; 6) Bergman more demanded the best of his actors than other directors; 7) Bergman demanded more than other directors the best of his actors; 8) The demands for actors' best were greater from Bergman than any other director. --Lenny; New York City, NY

Bergman, more than any other director, demanded the best from his actors. --a spazz miz of hotterspam; or Heather; Washington, DC

1) The best was demanded by Bergman from his actors, even more so than other directors; 2)"The Best": this is what was demanded by Bergman from his actors, more so than any of his professional contemporaries.--James; Napa, CA

More Bergman than director, any demanded the best Bergman from his other actors.--Steven; Washington, DC

If we're talking about Heaven and Hell: More than any other preacher, Joseph Combs demanded the Beast from his daughter.--Blaine; Tukwila, WA

Well, that's it. Hope you all had a good 1st Annual Erasmus Awareness Week! (Brie took photos! Chance is going to post them next week! Lacey was sooooo drunk!)

But remember, let's make this Annual Erasmus Awareness Week a safe one. Leave the drinking and driving at home. And please, if you're going to succeed in life, don't forget to clean out on your way up.


William Franken of Woodhaven,
Chairperson, Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam Awareness Society