Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Things I Have Never Loved

1. Uncertainty
2. Silence

I probably dislike uncertainty a bit more as it tends to linger a little longer than silence. Plus, one can easily break a silence. It's harder to break an uncertainty.

This is why I have always held a morbid (and narcissistic) fascination with death. Death being the ultimate not only in certainty, but in silence as well. Perhaps I can suffer the silence with ease if a certainty such as death be its cause.

But a living silence? Ooh, I don't like that at all. To be silent and uncertain? To live through the silence and the uncertainty simultaneously? Maddening! Maddening!

I am after certainty and NOISE!

Would that death could leave a loud corpse, I would have gladly died a thousand times by now! A parade for each disembodiment!

So I live now with uncertainty.

But mine is a LOUD UNCERTAINTY!!! Ever so noisy!!! Noise to abate the silence of uncertainty!!! Sis-boom-bah!!! Sis-boom-bah!!! WE SHALL NEVER DIE!!!!!