Sunday, August 03, 2008

Here's What You the Readers Had to Say! The Girl WAS a Hooker!


(NOTE: If confused, please see previous entry "Was This Girl a Hooker? Let Me Know! Your Opinion Matters!" from 7-28-08)

Austin from San Francisco: "Schizophrenic homeless hooker"

Jeff from San Francisco: "A hooker, albeit a homeless one, probably her first night on the job"

Heather from Washington, DC: "If you were walking around in the movie version of Breakfast At Tiffany's, then I'd say she was a hooker. . .in real life, however, I vote for borderline personality disorder chick. . .if she'd gone on a bit more about identity theft. . .I would have added a touch of schiz to my diagnosis

and Mike from the UK: "She was a prostitute"

So three for hooker (or prostitute) and one for borderline personality!

Democracy calls it--the girl was a hooker!

Thanks everybody!