Monday, March 03, 2008

Is America Ready For A Half-White President?

We know America is ready for a black president.

She's been ready for a black president ever since George The Terrible embezzled the election of 1492.

But is she ready for a half-white president?

In other words, what if the black man of the hour isn't really black?

What if he's just another (gulp) politician!

Saying nothing, doing nothing. . .

What would happen to all our dreams of HOPE and CHANGE?

What would I tell my 16-year old half-black son?

Will he have to wait 400 more years to receive some CHANGE and HOPE for his black half?

As a young and edecutad voter, I am concerned about race.

Specifically, I am concerned about racial imperfections in otherwise black-appearing Negroes. Moreover, how can we, as the worldwide global community of America, weed out white impurities from the genetic make-up of our elected black officials?

What is the Final Solution?

"Help us, Obami-Wan, you're our only HOPE!"