Friday, September 12, 2008

Some Different Topics

I got a temp job today.

I'm working with "Soak The Bloke" as a clown who sits on top of this trap door thing while people throw baseballs at this red thing to knock me into the water. It's temporary. We're doing this during the Feast of San Genaro in Little Italy to address new reforms in Skyler's Law.

(Skyler's Law is a law to raise awareness about Brittany's Law, a revised version of Heather's Law which was written to take the place of the Torah)

Work is all right. I get access to e-mail. Sometimes the computer gets wet when I fall into the water, though, and I have to send the whole thing over again.

I've always loved the New York accent. But that's a misnomer. There is no New York accent. There are MANY New York accents.

My favorite New York accent of them all is the Canarsie, Brooklyn accent. To do it, your lower lip has to fall dramatically after every single word. Al Pacino does a great version of it in Dog Day Afternoon. I always thought it was the most adorable of all the NY accents. It's not the toughest, but it's the sweetest.

Again, the key is to let your lower lip hang lifelessly while you talk.