Sunday, December 30, 2007


I'm afraid to be sincere with people because I'm afraid they'll doubt my sincerity. So when I want to be sincere, I restrain myself so that what I fear will happen won't happen. But since I'm not showing them any sincerity, they doubt my sincerity and what I fear will happen happens.

Oh, hello there. Glad you could join me.

I was just figuring myself out.

Did you know that I have another blog besides this one? It's true! It's available at and it's called "The Blue Moon". Unofficially, that is. (myspace doesn't yet have a feature where you can title your entire blog--only individual entries) It hasn't been around as long as "The House Of Knod" but there's still all sorts of different stuff in it!

"But Will," you say, "why do you have two blogs? Isn't one blog enough? Shouldn't you be trying to reduce your cyber carbon-footprint?"

"Different blogs for different reasons, Sandra." (I hope you don't mind me calling you "Sandra".)

"Like what?"

"Well, Sandra, as a postmodern woman on the go, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing only one blog!"

"As a mother of four, I still don't understand why you have two blogs."

"Sandra, as a concerned college student, I don't want to really get into the psychological underpinnings as to why I have two blogs."

"But, Will, as a breast cancer survivor myself--"

"Jesus, Sandra! Stop trying to one-up me!"

Sandra can be a real showboating cunt sometimes. Never shuts the fuck up about herself.

I've noticed that the voices have gotten much louder lately. Especially Sandra's. Strange, with so many voices running at top volume in my head, that I should feel so alone this holiday season.

Oh, hello there. Glad you could join me.

I was just dealing with the truth.

I can't really explain why it is that I have two blogs. Sometimes I write something and I say, "that one goes into 'The House Of Knod'" and sometimes I write something and I say, "that one goes up to 'The Blue Moon'".

Once in a blue moon, I'll put the same entry in both blogs. But it doesn't happen often. That's why I said "once in a blue moon".

I just don't know if anybody knows what that phrase means anymore. Does anybody understand the cultural significance of a blue moon?

A blue moon only happens once in a blue moon.

Unlike these computer-animated, techno-soundtracked moons of today. Our universe is rife with illiterate, mainstream moons. They don't think. They don't question. They just follow along, blindly making a complete orbit around the Earth every 27. 3 days. And they're all white.

But a blue moon (or "bloon") is special because it's rare.

Legend has it that the reason a blue moon is so rare is because it only shines in special places. For special people.

Have you ever noticed when you enter "The House Of Knod" there is often an otherworldly glow emanating from outside the stained-glass windows? That is because across the great void of cyberspace, "The Blue Moon" shines down upon this house.

For this is a special place. And you are special people.

Come, let us go outside. The moon brings out your beauty.

I love you all. . .

Good night. Glad you could join me.

I was just being sincere.